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Shannon Workman - Fine Artist

Shannon Workman

Shannon Workman

Willoughby, OH - United States

Shannon Workman is a fine art and nature photographer based in Northeast Ohio. Pieces of her work have been seen at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport,, The Cleveland Plain Dealer,, and The Ohio Council of NAIW, as well as being held in many private collections.

Artist Statement

The world around us is a beautiful, amazing, living thing and something that I am very passionate about. From the waters of our rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans, to the mysterious forests, to the caverns deep underground, I travel with my camera to capture this wonder of a planet. It is my goal, through my own artistic vision, to bring that beauty into the lives of others.

I often explore the parks and forests surrounding my own home town, always looking for that one magical place where the light is just right, the atmosphere calm and serene. I take a few moments to enjoy, and then I set up my gear and let the scene dictate my movements and images. I always remember to leave the scene as it was found so that it may be enjoyed by others in the same manner it was enjoyed while I was there.

Having always had an affinity for nature, my current work has delved into some of the more interesting and obscure, such as the beauty of the elements: fire, water, air and earth. By breaking these elements down and twisting them into abstract works of art, they become new and different entities. The addition of unusual colors and light turns the very simple into something much more complex. It is this combination of simplicity and complexity, this revealing of a different nature hidden deep within that brings me back time and again to capture and share with the world.




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